Info Required For Region Protection & Chunk Loader Requests

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    Before you submit your region protection request, you need to gather the following information in-game:

    1. The coordinates of your creation. These should be taken when you are in the exact center of it. To find the coordinates, look at the minimap. Below it are 3 numbers. You just need the 1st and 3rd numbers.
    2. A screenshot of your creation. This will help me find your creation faster. If your creation is hidden underground or not visible from above ground, then take a screenshot of what's above it.
    3. At ground level, build 1 block wide columns with a torch at the top at every corner of the rectangular region you want protected. Your region will start at these points.
    Once you have all this information gathered, then go ahead and make your region protection request.

    Regions must also be a reasonable size. So if you want a 1000 square sized area yours; that won't happen - at least not without a valid reason why you need that much space.
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