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    Here's a list of all the mods as well as a short description of what they add (some mods are just API's or add simple features so no wiki or manual is available):

    NOTE: The server is running Minecraft version 1.7.10. That's because most of these mods are not compatible with the latest version. Regardless, the latest version of Minecraft has barely 10% of what all these mods add together. If you can't find a feature listed in the Wiki's below, then its because its for a newer version of the mod and upgrading is likely impossible because the mod is likely for a new version of Minecraft.

    • Armor/Hud Status: Shows you on screen the health of all your armor and the direction attacks come from.
    • Applied Energistics: Adds a huge amount of new blocks and tools which revolve around energy creation and storage. Also adds meteors crash sites to the map with extremely strong meteor blocks. [Wiki]
    • Baubles: Adds 7 new slots (amulet, belt, head, body, charm and two rings slots)
    • BiblioCraft: Also acts as an API for other mods. Adds a number of blocks that have to do with books. You can put books in a book case, write your own books, etc. [Wiki]
    • BspkrsCore: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • BrandonsCore: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • Carpenter's Blocks: Adds new blocks and tools to build homes and furniture. [Wiki]
    • Chance Cubes: Adds cubes which spawn in the world randomly (above and below ground). They can give you rewards, spawn monsters or even outright kill you! It includes items which can help you determine what's inside the cube. [Wiki]
    • ChickenChunks: Adds a new block which keeps chunks loaded in memory. Useful for a mob farm that you want to stay active even when you're offline.
    • Chisel: Adds a huge variety of decorative blocks. Craft a chisel and then put a block inside its inventory to turn that block into a different design. [Info]
    • Code Chicken Core: Acts as an API for other mods. Doesn't have any features on its own.
    • CoFH Core: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • ElseWhereBorder: Prevents players from exploring beyond the world limits configured.
    • EnderCore: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • EnderIO: Adds new fluids, items, conduits, power generators, machinery, remote area access (EnderIO), Dimensional Transceivers, armor and tools, etc. [Wiki]
    • EnderStorage: Create "magic" bags of holding out of special ender chests. If two chests share the same color code, they share their contents. Useful as a way to bring "extra" inventory with you. [Wiki]
    • ExtraTiC: Adds extra tools and ores to Tinkerer's Construct. [Wiki]
    • Extra Utilities: Adds new blocks, tools,energy generators, spikes that kill enemies and wings that let you glide. [Wiki]
    • FastCraft: Speeds up server and client performance.
    • Fullscreen Windowed: Lets you play the game in windowed full screen (you can disable this if you dont like it).
    • Galacticraft: Adds rockets which allow you to go to space. Create a space station or visit a few planets. [Wiki]
    • Gravestones: When you die you leave behind a gravestone. Break the gravestone and you'll recover all your inventory.
    • Hats: Adds hats which you collect from fashionable monsters.
    • Hat Stand: Adds a stand you can put your hats on.
    • Herd Craft: Modifies the AI so its smarter and works together.
    • iChunUtil: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • IguanaTinkerTweaks: Adds new tools and weapons by introducing a progression system that only allows you to mine higher level blocks/ore with a higher level tool and special weapon/tool abilities (eg. smelt ore as you mine it or decapitate enemies with sword). Vanilla tools and weapons will only work in the vanilla world. [Wiki]
    • Immibis Core: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • Iron Chest: Adds a bunch of new chests. [Wiki]
    • Item Blacklist: Prevents players from using certain blocks/items.
    • Kore Sample: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • Lanteacraft: Create Stargates that you can use to teleport across the current world and to other dimensions! [Wiki]
    • Mantle: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • Mekanism: Adds electrical, engineering and manufacturing systems to Minecraft. Create advanced factories, mine ore automatically, generate electricity, fly around in a jetpack. [Wiki]
    • MicdoodleCore: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • Minechem: Adds chemistry so you can create new compounds or break other things down into their base materials. [Wiki]
    • Minefactory Reloaded: Adds new machines that can automate things for you (eg. farming, brewing, enchanting, mob farming, etc.) [Wiki]
    • MineTweaker3: Allows the server to alter or use new recipe's. [Wiki]
    • MobSpawnTweaks: This is used by the server to disable all non vanilla mobs from spawning on the vanilla world.
    • Morph: When you kill a monster, you can disguise yourself as that monster. Your nametag is still visible though.
    • NEI Addons: Adds bees, new crafting tables and some other things. [Wiki]
    • Nether Ores: Adds new ores which only generate in the Nether. [Wiki]
    • Not Enough Items: Shows you in-game the requirements to create all blocks. This acts as an in-game wiki so its really useful. [Wiki]
    • Not Enough Keys: Groups keybinds on the client settings page by mod.
    • Nuclear Craft: Adds physics to Minecraft. Create nuclear, fusion and fission reactors, particle accelerators, new machines. Also adds new ores. [Wiki]
    • OpenBlocks: Adds a massive number of new blocks and tools such as storing xp in barrels, automatic crafting tables and a sponge that can remove water. [Wiki]
    • OpenModsLib: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • OptiFine: Optimizes the client and adds new graphics enhancements. [Wiki]
    • OreSpawn: Adds new food, monsters, weapons, armors and dimensions. [Wiki (Click the guides menu item to go to the various sections]
    • PortalGun: Adds all the features from Portal 2 into Minecraft! You can use a portal gun, free runners (you wont take fall damage), turrets, companion cube (keep in your inventory and it slowly heals you). [Wiki]
    • qCraft: Adds quantum physics to Minecraft. [Wiki]
    • Random Things: Adds a lot of new blocks and tools to Minecraft. Things such as an item collector (which collects all items in an area), magic beans, lava walking boots. [Wiki]
    • Tinkers Construct: Build weapons and tools out of many different parts and materials and rename them. Also adds a large crafting table called a Smeltery which you can use to smelt down ore and create alloys. [Wiki]
    • Thermal Dynamics: Adds a transport system that can distribute energy, fluids and items. [Wiki]
    • Thermal Expansion: Adds new machines that function off of Redstone Flux. Also adds tanks that can hold liquids. [Wiki]
    • Thermal Foundation: Adds new alloys, ores and by-products. [Wiki]
    • Tinkerer's Mechworks: Adds mechanical constructions such as a fully functional drawbridge! [Wiki]
    • Thaumcraft: Adds a whole magic system to Minecraft. Cast spells, enchant items, fight many new monsters and bosses. [Wiki]
    • Twilight Forest: Adds a new dimensions that is in perpetual twilight. Aggresive enemies are everywhere all the time. There is a large number of bosses and monsters unique to this dimension. Also has a progression system that only lets you into harder level area's when you beat the bosses in the previous (lower level) area. [Wiki]
    • Vending: Adds vending machine blocks where you can sell items. You choose the item being sold and what you want in return. Only the only the owner can break or retrieve their inventory.
    • Waila: Improves the inventory screen by showing you all the blocks and items and what recipe is required to make them.
    • Waila Blacklist: Disables certain elements of the Waila GUI.
    • Waila Events: Acts as an API for other mods.
    • WR-CBE: Allows you to transmit redstone signals wireless by creation receivers and transmitters. Also includes other wireless redstone devices. [Wiki]
    • Xaeros Minimap: Adds a minimap to your hud. You can zoom in/out, create waypoints and see other players/animals/monsters. Shows you where you died both as a beacon in the world and on the mini map.
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