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    Temp Name

    Welcome to the website for "Temp Name". We still have no idea what we're calling it as Ceown isn't sure he wants to revive The Monastery. The domain the website is using is also temporary as its a domain i own that isn't currently being used for anything. Once we decide on a name, the forum will be moved to it.

    Why Now?

    Jeff Raven had an idea to revive the community and i offered to host the website and the game servers.

    Game Servers?

    Game servers are still a work in progress. Currently, the Empyrion server is up (a sandbox survival game where you can build bases, spaceships and fly in space - it's $20 on Steam). 2 more servers are planned; a Minecraft server with a selection of Forge plugins that make gameplay far more interesting and a Garry's Mod: F2S Stronghold server (which is CSS meets Sourceforts). Aside from these 3, i can probably host another 2 to 3 servers but i have no idea what they are. So we can figure that later on.

    Server Admins?

    Server Admins will be needed eventually, but i'll be handling the approval process alone because Jeff Raven doesn't want to be involved with that process. Past admins from any of the 3 old communities are welcome to re-apply and will likely get admin but only after i can verify your identity.


    Avatar sizes are much larger than on most other forums. All members can upload avatars up to 1MB in size, while Server Admins (and certain VIPs) can upload avatars up to 5MB in size. Also on threads, avatar's display at 192x192.

    How much did this all cost?

    I already owned a license to Xenforo that i wasn't using for anything, but the yearly maintenance expired so i renewed it ($40 USD) and i rented the dedicated server computer that all the game servers are running off of; that cost me another $230 CAD for 3 months of hosting. I'm also running the website off my dedicated web server (which is hosting other projects im involved with).

    P.S. Post ranks are styled after TFC classes and certain users will get special ribbons.
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